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Memberships are the building blocks for the foundation of the Conneaut Arts Center’s general, every day operations.​

Be the Difference not only for today, but also for tomorrow! All memberships expire one year from date of commitment.

Individual/Donor Memberships

Individual Memberships allow multiple individuals and families the ability to access exclusive discounted rate on classes, programs, events, and other fees at the center. On average, you save over $100.00 a year on events and programs. Increasing membership and donor levels and allow one to allocate where their donations should be placed.

Business Benefactors

Becoming a business benefactor of the Conneaut Arts Center allows a peace of mind knowing your business dollars are going to help serve the community. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are offered with all packages, allowing full compensation for your commitment.

Membership titles, prices, and benefits differ between personal memberships and business memberships.

Students: $30. For anyone 17 and younger. Allows discounts on youth classes, programs, and fundraisers.

Seniors: $30. For anyone 60 and older. Allows discounts on classes, programs, and fundraisers and a 10% discount on rentals.

Single: $35. For anyone 18-59. Allows discounts on adult classes, programs, and fundraisers, and a 10% discount on rentals.

Household: $60. For up to 5 people with the same mailing address. This membership is geared towards families where both youth and adult partake in CAC activities and 10% off of rentals are included.


Kilpi Silver includes up to 3 individuals, discounts on ALL CAC events, and a 15% discount on rentals.  ($61-$199):

Kilpi Gold ($200-$500) everything listed above PLUS featured donor sponsorship on any one of CAC’s yearly events and $50 of your donation goes towards the youth scholarship program.

Kilpi Platinum ($501-$800): everything listed above PLUS two featured donor sponsorships on any one of CAC’s yearly events and $100 of your donation goes towards the youth scholarship program and two tickets to our annual Let’s Wine Art Auction.

Kilpi Diamond ($801+): everything listed above PLUS four featured donor sponsorships on any one of CAC’s yearly events and $200 of your donation goes towards the youth scholarship program and one FREE main gallery rental during membership year.


Business sponsorships are extremely important to the Conneaut Arts Center because we value having connections to surrounding businesses in our area. By becoming a member of the Arts Center, your business will be promoted in numerous ways at the CAC and your sponsorship will help us keep our doors open for events, programs, fundraisers, and classes. For more information about Business Sponsorships, call or email us, and we’d be happy to explain the levels of funding.

Please consider becoming a member of the CAC to keep art alive in our community!


As you may or may not know, the Conneaut Arts Center is 501©3 federally—designated nonprofit. This means our income for events, programs, paying instructors and staff, and the bills that keep our beautiful building standing come from class fees, ticket sales, and donations. Of course, the CAC pursues local and state grants several times a year that assist with upgrades and operating costs, but one of the most reliable sources of funding come from memberships.                                                                                            By becoming a member, you receive discounts on almost all events and classes, monthly newsletters, and as a business member, promotion in programs, online, and in  newsletters. Another advantage of being a member of the Conneaut Arts Center is having a huge part in keeping our doors open so that we can continue to keep art in our community.



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